ARCHIVIO is a magazine conceived and published by Promemoria Group. A unique object that aspires to bring to light unpublished fragments and extraordinary stories about archives, giving voice to the materials and the professionals who work there. The ambition is to show their passion, make us reflect and offer new perspectives on the idea and practice of memory. ARCHIVIO is a way to open the doors to our world. At Promemoria we ‘build’ archives, giving them new value. For more than a decade we have been working with brands and institutions to transform heritage into archives of meaning, knowledge, content, and experience: a perfect synthesis between past and future.

ARCHIVIO is renewed every 4 issues. It preserves the name, intent and vision, but changes the editorial staff, design and inspirations, in order to always have new and fresh keys of interpretation. Featuring the collaboration of leading professionals on the international stage, starting from 2018 the magazine has explored more than 120 archives so far in 8 different issues, four of which are already sold out.


In 2023 begins the new cycle of ARCHIVIO: four thematic issues, each edited by a Guest Editor specialized in the field in order to have an expert eye to open the doors of the archives and show you where to look in these vast worlds. The first, ARCHIVIO N°9, is dedicated to Fashion.